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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hiçlik üzerine veya "definE minnetarlığı"...

"A girl called ..... suspended against nothingness. Nothingness seemed to me something terrible, solemn and incomprehensible, and the saddest aspect of the whole matter was my meeting this nothingness with the manners and outward appearance I bore in the evening when I used to meet ..... I found no consolation in the idea that other people also acted and moved in just as futile and inadequate a way as I did when faced with this nothingness, whithin this nothingness, surrounded by this nothingness...
...I imagined everyone, at least once a day, must feel his own life reduced to a single point of absurd, ineffable anguish - except that their knowledge apparently produced no visible effect upon then, either. They left their houses as I did, and went around playing sincerely their insincere parts. This thought strengthened me in my belief that all men, without exception, deserve to be pitied, if only because they are alive......"

Romalı kızın hatırasından


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