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Saturday, May 21, 2005

wine, beer, cigs, and sex in a city

I walk and walk and walk around...
I drink and drink and drink a lot,
I smoke and smoke and I'm bound
To my libido's tricky stroke.

How lone all we are! It is very sad when people run in circles, as Gary Jules puts it in a song.
Someone's passed by me and I know her
Someone's dressed and I strip off her clothes
Someone looks in my eyes and I try to steer clear of her glare
Someone's lying and I want to change her stance
Oh, how stupid it is! I know...
But we are all a-lone!
How would it be to become A-lone, I wonder?
It needs to be a father...
Really? So, gimme back my mother!!!
I want my toy back! I want to change its stances whenever I want!
I want a toy (with a short skirt and a looooooooooooooooong......jacket!)
I wanna-Toy.

And I wonder who Dean Moriarty really was...

The number of gays, lesbians and (especially here in Turkey) of transvestites increases.
They prefer to stay healthy not drinking or smoking...They prefer to heal-Thy-secret -thoughts!!!
Have a walk on Khreshatik Street in Kiev or on Tverskaia or (Noviy) Arbat in Moscow, then come back to Cumhuriyet or Istiklal Street in Istanbul...
See the difference? Can you discern?
A struggle between tradition and modernism: A man in a woman case. A man trying to get rid of a phallus. They are the real dissidents, they are the indicators of times.
Do they Love?
But I think they chose to love themselves after noone ever did it to them.
They never had a mother and they were afraid of Father would cut their phalluses. They chose to cut it themselves. Courageous, isn't it?
Now, they feel safer.

An eastern city,
How strange you are!
And what a pity,
For your "Hurrah!"...

Now I just wanna a glass of my favourite Calvet, a fuming cig and a girl with a short skirt and a-lon(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)g... jacket!


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