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Thursday, May 12, 2005

How To Disappear Completely

There is a song by Thom York called "how to disappear completely" and it is now after this "question", if you want, took an imperative character for me I become aware of the song's meaning, if any there is.
Nowadays I became nothing else than a stupid director, no better than all my stupid actors with their little minds concentrated on getting high and nothing else. Stupid because I ignored the question of "For whose sake all the scenes are being decorated?" Stupid because I chose wrong actors, and stupid because I allowed my libido to be centered on them.
I should have made a better casting...It was not supposed to be a porno film!!!
And now, after all, I need to disappear completely.
I have to take all necessary parts, elements and steps in a way of incarnation into something more comfortable.
No easy, is it? But I don't think a dog can live as a cat...
However the main point to make is that if you think you love your actors it doesn't mean they love you too, until you play with them... But beware! When only you are engaged in play with them you're no longer who you supposed to be!
Stupid director and clot lover!


At 12 May, 2005 23:50, Blogger bessy said...

what kind of a film is it I wonder??=)

At 13 May, 2005 12:15, Blogger semenov said...

It was supposed to be a "pre-film" for a "film" I would shoot 2 years later...
but I failed in the begining...;)

At 13 May, 2005 18:03, Blogger *bewitched* said...

No one who can touch words with his magic wand fails... so you don't... :)


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