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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

objet trouvé

Now suddenly it becomes harder and harder to move...
You just sit there and "be". They are talking to you and you are looking at them.
No word, just "be".
It is very unusual for you to "be" this way, but you begin to notice that even at some moments of this state you feel a kind of orgasm, when you are able to hear their story and follow your own at the same time. It lasts for hours.
Lost elation... then Objet Trouvé.
You don't want to lose "it" though it seems to be void. It only seems...seems....
"It" is valuable indeed!

"Don't look at Theo! Isabelle, you don't have to take his permission." ......

Why is there something as "regret"?

"Ask yourself, why?"

Yes, you're squeezed...unfortunately... and it is harder and harder to move.
But do not forget you have found Objet Trouvé!!!
Just move!
Little by little!


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